Event vs event group macro policy who wins?

I set a voice stealing policy on an event, I also have a voice stealing policy on the mixer group that the sound event runs in. If they are different which one is effective?
I have a mixer group for voice. Our policy is that we never want voice to overlap. If a voice event is playing and a new voice event is invoked, the new one is ignored.
If I wanted to overide the mixer group’s policy and a voice event had oldest would that steal?
David Thiel

The group bus and event instance limits are both active simultaneously. A group bus’s stealing behavior applies when the number of instances routed into that bus is about to exceed the bus’ max instances property, whereas an event’s stealing behavior applies when the number of instances of that event is about to exceed the event’s max instances property.

If a new event instance would exceed the max instances of both the event and a group bus, the event’s stealing behavior takes precedence - unless the bus’ stealing behavior is “none,” in which case the bus’ stealing behavior takes precedence.

You say you want there to never be more than one voice event playing at a time, and you never want a new voice event to interrupt an already-playing voice event. To get this behavior, ensure all your voice events route into the same group bus, then set the group bus’ max instances property to 1 and set its stealing property to “none.” The events’ max instances and stealing properties can be left at their default values.