Stop Event in a group as another plays? New event won't play until old event is stopped

I’ve tried to make it so that the event group has a max instance of 1 and stealing setting at oldest event. My understanding is that the new event would kill the previous event and start playing. My experience has been that the old event stops playing and the new event will not play until the old one is stopped manually.

Is it possible to do what I’m setting out for? And if so, would the older event cut out instantly or would it follow the fade of the AHDSR on its master?

Are you referring to a group bus when you say “event group”?

Your explanation of stealing from the oldest is correct - once a new event instance has been created the oldest event is stopped and the new one takes its place. This is an automatic function and should not need for you to manually stop the older instance. The stealing behaviour ignores fade outs from AHDSR modulators.

What version of FMOD Studio are you using where you need to manually stop the oldest event instance?

Yes, the group bus. The stealing does stop the old event but the new event does not play until the old one is manually stopped.

Using version 1.10.10.

In my tests of 1.10.10 with a group bus set to steal oldest with 1 max instance, when I play a new event instance the old event instance stops immediately. Are you able to show a video of this happening and a screenshot of your group bus setup?

Are you still having issues with the stealing behaviour in buses? Were you able to grab a video of this happening?

Here’s an example of what I mean:

That is very unexpected behaviour. I’ve not been able to replicate it on our machines here - would you mind packaging your project and sending it to

  1. Click File > Package Project
  2. Don’t include Audio Assets or Banks
  3. Attach the exported zip folder to your email
  4. In the email, mention the version of FMOD Studio you are using


Thank you for sending your project through. I think I see the issue now.

The problem is due to having the “Loop Playback” button enabled in the event editor. This is the button located next to the time/beats indicator at the top of the event editor. With this button enabled, FMOD Studio will automatically try to restart a stopped event. Since stealing behaviour is a little different from calling “Stop” on an event, it appears to be getting stuck stopping and restarting the stolen event - hence the behaviour you have seen where you have to manually stop an event before the new one can start.

Luckily this does not affect runtime behaviour and happens only within the FMOD Studio application.

For the time being, please disable the “Loop Playback” button. I have raised a bug in our tracking system. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.