Group event behavior stealing and priority

I have all dialog associated with a group. That group has max instances = 1.
If an event is playing in that group a new event will not start.
Most of the time this is what we want.
However, there are a small number of clips that we need to play even if something is already running in that group.
I have not found any combination of stealing, priority, number of instances that would provide this.
I want to author this behavior. My clients are not sophisticated users of FMOD. They just want to invoke sound events and I want to create their behavior.
Is this possible.
Using FMOD 2.1.

There currently isn’t a feature that allows certain events to be both routed into a certain bus and also ignore the priority/stealing behaviour.

For this kind of behaviour it would be best to have this special event not routed into the same bus, and either use a series of command instruments to stop any event routed into that bus you wish to control, or use a few lines of code to stop all events on that bus before starting the special event.