Event with Global Parameter set to "Hold during playback" does update to new values on subsequent event playbacks

I have a global parameter added to an event. The global parameter settings are to hold value during playback. When added to an event, it always stays at zero, even if the param value is changed and the event is stopped and played again. From the picture, you can see that velocity is at zero and the seek speed is instant. I don’t see what’s causing this, it happens in Studio and in game engine.

It’s stated in the docs that held global parameters cannot be set to new values: https://www.fmod.com/resources/documentation-studio?version=2.1&page=parameters-reference.html

Maybe the reason for this is that global parameters are shared between event instances, so it wouldn’t make sense to be able to set the value of the parameter based on playback state of just one instance containing the parameter?

Alexzzen is correct - global parameters are created when the master bank is created and if it’s set to hold it’s value then it will never change. It needs to be made into a local parameter in order to change before playing back.

So I would automate a held local parameter by the global parameter to get the effect that I’m looking for?

That is correct. Have the local parameter set to hold on playback and be automated by the global parameter. Once the event starts playing it should hold its value.