Live update global parameters won't change value in FMOD studio?

I’m having issue understand why I can’t see any parameter changes in FMOD studio while enabling live update.

I have some global parameters setup in my banks.

On unity’s side to swap global param value I’m using :

    FMOD.RESULT result = RuntimeManager.StudioSystem.setParameterByNameWithLabel(parameterName, value);

(that throw a OK result in the console)

In FMOD Studio live update is on (green) and in the mixer I see the master bus level moving with the sound. But none of the global parameters changes.

( I searched in every post about live update of this forum for some clues and read the documentation but could not find any new information )

Thanks for the help / any insights !

It seems that it was because in the “Additionnal options” of the parameters the “hold value during playback” was ticked.