Eventception, References and Automation

While trying out Studio to find out what can and cannot be done, I ran into these limits:

  • If an Event Sound is placed inside a Multi Sound / Scatterer playlist, the parameters in it aren’t exposed for automation (as is the case if you place an Event Sound to an event directly)
  • An Event Sound can be placed inside a Multi Sound / Scatterer, but not an Event Reference

These limits make an event implementation I’m working on a bit more complicated. I can work around both limitations, but it requires creating an additional dummy parameter (with random modulation) to randomize between different Event Sound variations, while still allowing automation, for example.

We’re already aware of those limitations, and removing them is on our Things To Do list. As you may have gathered from our other posts, however, we’re pretty busy, and it might take us a while to get there. If these issues are causing you urgent problems, I recommend you contact support@fmod.org with the specific details of your situation.

All I needed to know. Thanks! :slight_smile: