Is there any reason NOT to use multiple audio tracks and plugins in one event?

More a question of performance and Fmod etiquette if you will. I had a question from a friend regarding how we should be using each event.

I’ve attached x2 example screenshots below to show what i mean.

Normally i’d layer up my tracks, add plugins and then record my system audio to render the Fmod event variations into a new, single instrument event without any plugins, believing that the extra processing would lead to complications like CPU issues. However, now i question if there’s any reason to do this at all.

is there any reason NOT to use multiple audio tracks and plugins in one event?

Thanks so much in advance!


The short answer is no. However, the best workflow will highly depend on the situation. If you could elaborate on the situation where you will be using the event then I might be able to give a more accurate answer. The main aspect you lose with your method is being able to change effects and audio tracks during runtime, while you save on performance.

We have documentation that lists each effect and its performance cost which can be found under FMOD API | Effect Reference.

If you have any more questions please let me know.

Hi Connor! Thanks so much for the response!

No specific example in mind. Imagining an entire game project treating every track more like a DAW session with layers and effects.

I think you’ve answered my question: if i need to save on performance, record and bounce the event into single assets. Otherwise (aside from looking a little messy) i can be more flexible with revising the effects during runtime/mixing.

That’s a good way to go about it! If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Ok one additional question: how do scatterer instruments compare to high overhead plugins?


That depends on a few things, as a scatterer instrument allows you to add any type of instrument into its playlist (A list of these can be found here: FMOD Studio | Instrument Reference) these can affect its overhead. Do you have a high-overhead plugin for example?

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Nothing specific as of yet, just speaking hypothetically - thanks for the quick responses!

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