EventDescription reports 2d Panning and -1 MaxDistance if using Resonance Audio Source

Well, I wrote my own occlusion handling to use Resonance Audio occlusion (I used 5 RayCastAllNonAlloc spaced in a cross pattern to check how blocked an object is.). I’m only cashing 3 or 4 hits for every raycast, but still I wanted to avoid casting rays at all if the audio is too far away to be heard. the problem is when using a Resonance Audio Source the eventDescription reports the event uses 2d Panning and -1 MaxDistance. Is this a bug or is it intended? I have the Resonance audio source and a Resonance sound field on the event (attenuation works fine and smooth too), but I still can’t get the maximum distance from code…

Is there some other way to get the max distance or how attenuated the current instance is?

Studio::EventDescription::is3D should return true if it finds any panner on the event, but the Min/Max distances aren’t accessible from third party plugins.

I have made a task to improve the documentation on this because I feel like we could make this clearer in some places.