Events play in content browser but not in preview.

Hello, I am currently developing a VR game together with some friends from my school and we recently stumbled upon the problem involving events not playing in VR preview. All events are audible in content browser however in preview only events included in blueprints are audible (and even there some are not playing), the rest are gone altogether or barely audible.

The problem started occurring when I finalized the dialogue we are supposed to have in game (around 20-30 Mbs) and built the project.

Any form of help would be greatly appreciated,

Unreal Engine 4.14.3
FMOD 1.09.01
Integration 1.09.01

Are you getting any warnings or errors?
You can also enable verbose logging for FMOD by adding “-LogCmds=“LogFMOD verbose”” to the command line.

We’re getting one reading “Problem loading FMOD Banks ‘Environment’. The specified bank has already been loaded”. This warning has been occurring since before the aforementioned problem though.

Since we are using a SVN we reverted to an earlier FMOD-project which seems to be working. However we would like to know the reason behind the problem. All we did was add dialogue-events, about 25 of them. We will add the dialogue again and if the problem returns we will try enabling verbose logging. Thanks!