No sound from events in UE4

My composer submitted a test setup of sounds through fmod, and I can’t just hear them on my end when trying to play in editor or play them in content browser. What could be the cause? UE 4.9

  • I can hear other audio in content browser and engine just fine. Volume on my computer is high.
  • My programmer, also on a windows machine just as me, can hear fmod sounds just fine, so the issue is on my end.
  • I have the latest fmod plugin installed and activated, banks are present.

There was a bug regarding resampling in the latest 1.07 that could be the cause of that.

We will be releasing a new version early next week that has the fix. In the meantime you could go to the audio properties in Windows and set the audio frequency to 44100 and see if that fixes it.

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Thanks, that solved it!