EXAMPLE TOOL: FMOD Mixer in Unity Inspector

I just created a Unity Tool that gets all the Mixer channels from FMOD on runtime,
and exposes them in the Inspector.
So far, they can be muted individually & the volume can be adjusted. Good for debugging :slight_smile:

          • HOW TO USE: Import the UnityPackage & drag the FMODUnityMIxer Prefab into the scene.

!!! NOTE: needs the latest integration: 1.03.07 to work


Here u go:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3zYNk ... sp=sharing

Hi Atomtwist. Firstly, thanks for sharing this stuff, it looks awesome.
But there’s something wrong with your file… It decompress into a folder which contains a few folders (with guid names) and a bunch of files inside that seems to be useless.

Can you upload the unitypackage without zipping/modifying it?
ps: I don’t know if it works on Windows, but on mac it’s not working.
ps2: renaming it to unitypackage doesn’t work.

Hey dnishimura.
The board doesn’t allow unitypackages to be uploaded.
I tried & downloaded the file to several win & mac computers without any problems & imported the package into unity as well.
If you want, you can send me a PM and i will provide u with a download link to an unzipped file. :slight_smile:

Hi atomtwist. There’s a chance that the problem is related to the zipping technique… What zipping program are you using? I’m using the Unarchiver (I believe it’s the default unzipping app for mac). Perhaps this zip will work on winrar, 7zip and other softwares.
Also, can you uploadit somewhere such as dropbox or mediafire? Thank you =)