Is there a way to use FMOD's functions in Unity?


I heard Unity uses FMOD’s old API internally, FMOD Ex or something.

If that’s true, why does Unity’s AudioSource.pitch work differently?
FMOD_Channel_SetPitch() only adjusts pitches but not speed.
However, AudioSource.pitch adjusts speed too.
I know this is normal when edited in waveform editors,
but at least as for FMOD_Channel_SetPitch() it isn’t, and most of the time
I just want to modify pitches only personally.
For example, I could give variations from one original gunshot sound file whenever I hit the fire button.

My second question is,
Can I call FMOD’s functions directly or at least use FMOD’s features indirectly?
Because I know FMOD is a very good library, I’m somewhat feeling wasteful just to use it as an audio file player in Unity…
Because Unity is becoming an all rounder, it can be used in many different areas aside from games such as educational apps, interactive multimedia players, cross-platform utilities etc, so if there’s an easy way to access FMOD’s core features from Unity, everybody will be happy.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

That version of FMOD was purchased by Unity to integrate with their engine. They have since maintained and updated the code which is why it will be different from the newer versions of FMOD.

As far as I am aware, there is no way to directly access FMOD in Unity.

We have a separate Unity plugin that we maintain and allow you to access in code:

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Oh, that’s good to know! Thanks