Exposing FMOD Channels in UE4 for UI Hooks

(JB) #1

Hi, I’m trying to expose parameters and channels to UE4 using both FMOD Studio and UE4.

I’m wanting to make a hook for UI, so I can manually change the volume of my FMOD audio channels in UE4 in my game.

Also, Is there a way to run UE4 Sound Engine and channels through FMOD, so I can use FMOD as my final and only mixing source?

Thank you!

(Geoff Carlton) #2

Unfortuately UE4’s built in audio goes straight to the output API (e.g. XAudio, Wasapi, etc), so it can’t easily be piped into FMOD for control over the mixing.

Epic have a very distant long term plan to completely rewrite their audio system and use software mixing. If/When that is finished, then it would be possible. Until then, the inbuilt audio will be completely separate.

(Pablo Sorribes Bernhard) #3

If you just wanna add UI for changing audio levels (eg. Master, Music, SFX), then use the “Set Bus Fader Level”-node. Here’s a post where I asked on how it worked: http://www.fmod.org/questions/question/how-does-the-bus-set-fader-level-node-work/