Exposing FMOD Channels in UE4 for UI Hooks

Hi, I’m trying to expose parameters and channels to UE4 using both FMOD Studio and UE4.

I’m wanting to make a hook for UI, so I can manually change the volume of my FMOD audio channels in UE4 in my game.

Also, Is there a way to run UE4 Sound Engine and channels through FMOD, so I can use FMOD as my final and only mixing source?

Thank you!

Unfortuately UE4’s built in audio goes straight to the output API (e.g. XAudio, Wasapi, etc), so it can’t easily be piped into FMOD for control over the mixing.

Epic have a very distant long term plan to completely rewrite their audio system and use software mixing. If/When that is finished, then it would be possible. Until then, the inbuilt audio will be completely separate.

If you just wanna add UI for changing audio levels (eg. Master, Music, SFX), then use the “Set Bus Fader Level”-node. Here’s a post where I asked on how it worked: http://www.fmod.org/questions/question/how-does-the-bus-set-fader-level-node-work/

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