Exposing plugin-parameter to UE without creating specific FMOD parameter

Hi All,

I can’t quite describe what I want to do in the title without using the word parameter twice but bare with me.

Ok, so I have an FMOD project that I am boosting select frequencies with a narrow-Q EQ to create different harmonics from noise, effectively. The idea is that the user can control this value to change the harmony as they play.

By default UE can control Volume and Pitch (which are parameters) without me creating a specific ‘FMOD Parameter’ for them. Is it possible to “expose” other plugin parameters, such as the Frequency of the EQ, to UE in the same way?

That way the game designer can directly manipulate the exact frequencies boosted by sending absolute values in Hz. Instead of me trying to create an unusual parameter scale of 220 - 880, or whatever it may be.

Hope that makes sense! Is it possible?


The standard way of doing it is to create a parameter that automates the value in Studio, and then drive it via UE4.

If you really want to be able to get set the DSP parameter directly, it is possible via C++ code. If you check out the FMOD Studio Audio component in our UE4 integration, you can see it looks for an existing low-pass DSP on the master track and sets the frequency directly, for occlusion.

You could do something similar to that, but you’d have to write C++ code to do it, either by modifying the audio component class or creating your own set of classes or functions.