Expose parameters in AudioMotors to Unity

I am trying to integrate the trial version of AudioMotors included in FMOD Studio with Unity.
With FMOD Unity Integration 2, there is no problem to simply play events made with AudioMotors in FMOD Studio.

However, when I tried to use scripting API to set parameters shown in AudioMotors panel, e.g. RPM, it didn’t work and the sound didn’t change.
So far I still find no clue to exposing parameters in AudioMotors.
It will be appreciated if anyone can help me.


Hello I-Chen,

When you say “expose parameters”, are you referring to FMOD Studio game parameters or the parameters (re: properties) of the AudioMotors plugin?

You will need to create game parameters in the Event that the AudioMotors plugin is in, then add automation to the different AudioMotors properties to change once the game parameter is updated.

As an example;

  1. Create an Event
  2. Add the AudioMotors plugin
  3. Create a game parameter (click on the + tab next to “Timeline”)
  4. Right click on the “RPM” property and add automation
  5. Adjust the automation curve in the game parameter tab

You should now be able to adjust the game parameter in the Event in FMOD Studio and hear the adjustments being made.

Check out the Authoring Events chapter in the Studio documentation for more information on automation and parameters.



Hi Richard,

Thank you very much for your solution! I just followed your instruction and it works well.
For this solution, I have only one remained problem which is whether there is any way to accelerate the authoring process if there will be plenty of source clips and I want to expose all parameters of AudioMotors. I mean something like a template which I can massively produce different events by only replacing the source clips.

Thank you.

Hi I-Chen,

You can create preset effects in FMOD Studio 1.10 that will help with this.


You can also look into using defaults.



Cool! That looks very useful.
Thank you very much, Richard. You saved my day. :slight_smile: