Extending FMOD Studio

I downloaded the API and I found the plug-in folder settings for FMOD Studio. When looking at the api examples I did not find any that extends the FMOD Studio and I was wondering if this is possible. When we add our own effect (which you can do according to the effects example) can you also make it show up in the FMOD Studio with the correct parameters?

Hi there,

If you build your own effect as a DLL and export FMOD_DSP_DESCRIPTION* FMODGetDSPDescription(), you can place the DLL in Studio’s plugins folder and it will show up in the Add Effect context menu. All parameters will be laid out in the effect’s panel. When running the game, you’ll need to call registerPlugin() before the object containing the plugin is loaded.

Examples, documentation and Mac support for plugins will be coming very soon in version 1.1. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions here if you have any issues getting your plugin to work in Studio.