Fade in and Fade out time controled by Parameter


Our project have one sound event with fade in and fade out volume behavior. And we want to make it more universal, by this i mean we want to have variable fade in and fade out time and to control this time by parameters.
At this moment, we cant assign any automation to multi/single sounds fade curves, also we can not assign any automation to time of AHDSR. And this problem points us that we can not at all control the time by parameters.

Or maybe we have missed something, and studio have this possibilities?

Ivan Osipenko
Sound Designer
Saber Int.

At the time of writing (November of 2016), the only way to control the length of a fade in or fade out is to automate an event or module’s volume on a parameter, and then update the value of the parameter a little at a time in your game’s code.

A number of users have requested the ability to automate the fade in and fade out times of an AHDSR modulator, and we will implement this feature in an upcoming release.