Setting AHDSR according to local parameters - without using curve

I’ve been trying to set a fade-in and fade-out parameter that automatically control the amount of time the instance is going to fade in and out the event.

I’ve added AHDSR volume control, and tried setting the attack to the fade in parameter and the release to the fade out parameter, but the only way (I’ve found) to go about it is by adding a curve.

The issue is that the curve is non-linear (my guess, log scale?), while the values of the Attack and Release (and the fade parameters) are linear.
For example, if I set FadeOut to be between 0 and 60 and I set a linear curve in the Modulator Automation for Release, when FadeOut value is 10 it will take FMOD 0.417ms to fade out.

So can I somehow set the Release to be 1:1 with the value of FadeOut?

As of the time of writing (December of 2023), there is no way to set the automation widget to use a different scale.

The scale used for the attack property in the automation widget is the same scale used for the scale number box; the number box uses a non-linear scale is order to ensure that the dragging the box results in smaller value adjustments when the attack period is small, and larger adjustments when the attack period is large, on the assumption that when tweaking the value, the desired size of small adjustments will usually be proportional to the current length of the attack period. I can see how this isn’t useful in your case, however.

You will have to work around this behavior by creating a large number of automation points, so that you can approximate a linear curve. The “Move To” context menu item should allow you to position automation points precisely enough to do this. The ability to copy and paste automation curves may also help, if you need to use the same curve for multiple similar properties.

If you like, I could also add the ability to adjust y-axis automation scale to our feature and improvement tracker, but there is no guarantee that we’ll be able to implement it any time soon.

Thank you for the reply!
I’d appreciate adding y-axis automation scale, even if it won’t help with my current project. In the meantime, I’ll create the curve in the way you suggested as it is “close enough”.

I’ve added you to the list of people interested in this feature.