Fade-ins vs waves not rendered accurately

I have some short sounds (feet) that I want to soften on the fly, however drawing very small fades appears to be innacurate in comparison to the waveform display.
pic1 the sound plays as it should

pic2 the sound is almost completely lost, even through the fade doesn’t reach the transient

the same thing occurs with an AHDSR, even with 1ms of fade-in the sound is gone

is this a known issue? i know i could go edit and import 2 different versions, but i was enamoured with the idea of reusing the same asset

Hi there, are you hearing this in Fmod editor or some in-engine play?

I’m hearing it in both the editor (2.01.04) and engine (UE4.25)

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve raised a bug report with our dev team to look into for a future update. In the meantime, you’ll need to render any fades in short assets before importing into the FMOD Studio project.

Awesome, thank you!

glad i’m not crazy :slight_smile:

(should I mark this as solved or leave it be?)