Fading In and Out Music Tracks

Thanks for all your help on this.

Got it. My fault, I should RTFM. Right-click in the Routing Browser rather than the Mixer itself. Thanks.

I am creating a music loop that plays between 3 separate songs, that play in sync but never together. I have everything working perfectly (transitions do not repeat position of loop) and I’m using mixer snapshots on a parameter sheet to transition. My issue is as follows:

On the AHDSR Intensity modulation for each snapshot in the parameter sheet, if the attack value is >0, then even when transitioning between songs, the other track (which should not play) will play for a moment. (i.e. transitioning 1>2, 3 will gain volume on the mixer and be heard). If the attack value of the same control is = 0, then the ASCENDING transitions (1>2>3) crossfade nicely, but DESCENDING transitions (3>2>1) happen instantly and sound very abrupt. This is reflected on the mixer, where I can see the value snapping when descending.

Thanks in advance!

I am addressing this issue in the other thread you have created.