Creating fade outs after musical phrases?


I have one asynchronous event, which currently fades out to another one based on game-location(1 track background music at a time). This works, but sometimes the fade / ingame-movement happens right in the middle of a musical theme.

Is it possible to force the current event to play until it reaches a marker, and then behave like it stopped / fades out via AHDSR etc.?

It would be nice to have the music only fade after a musical phrase finished. (My audio consists of short parts with long pauses inbetween). The track is not in beats.

I hope this is not a silly question, I’m new here and experimenting!
Thanks for your time!

My current solution:

  • I’m using a volume automating parameter for fade out / in by utilizing seek speed.
  • Then I allow a fade via script after a marker is reached. (When a marker passes, there is a callback - FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_CALLBACK_TIMELINE_MARKER ).
  • So now I can set markers after the phrases / when the transition should be allowed.

Is this an optimal solution / (not too hacky) ?

Maybe I also should change “next marker reached => transition allowed” to “inside regions on the event, where transitioning is allowed or not”. (I could technically do this by naming every other marker “end” etc.)

If you have any recommendations or better solutions, please write your thoughts!

If I’m understanding correctly, you want for an event to be untriggering instruments based on musical beats?

In that case, you would benefit from using quantized transition regions. You can either have the instruments use an AHDSR on their volume properties to fade in/out, or you can use transition timelines to control the fading in/out of the source/destination.

Thank you for answering!
Sadly my task is a bit different (I might have explained it poorly):

Most of the fade / instrument mechanics I saw in examples use multiple synchronous / beat synchronized music tracks.

In this game scene I have one track playing short themes(~5-15 seconds etc.), with long pauses, as a track. Without beats / bpm / a grid. And I only want a fade to another song/event between these phrases. (Like when you go to another ingame location - Finish the current phrase - then fade).

With a parameter and seek speed I can let the original event pass with the same time, but muted, so by switching back it is on a farther position.

I already found a solution by using the TimelineMarker Callback of the API - changing my custom parameter to fade after a marker is passed, and placing markers after phrases.