Altrering parameters within studio

Been going about watching tutorials and generally learning how to use FMOD studio instead of the low level c++ API and have run into a issue.

I have set up a multi sound of music to play constantly, with a parameter that if set to zero will fade out the audio, then reset to play another track instead of continuing the current one.

The problem is the parameter itself will stay at zero unless I manually reset it back to 1, and while I can certainly code that in, it feels like studio should have a way I can trigger the parameter automatically back to 1 without needing to hard code it.

Thanks in advance, been able to solve all my other questions by hunting though here before, just gotten hung up on this issue and my google-fu is failing me.

Hi there, thanks for the question. Currently there isn’t a way to set this sort of thing up with parameters besides, as you mention, doing this with code. You can get this sort of behavior with Cues (e.g. EventInstance::triggerCue) but keep in mind that this API is only relevant for Sustain Points.

I have added a task to our tracker to revisit supporting this type of behavior for events.

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Thanks, I had guessed as much but good to know for certain. It would be nice to do everything within FMod studio, but as it stands I am very happy with everything that it already does on its own, means several fewer things I need to focus on.

Thanks, we very much appreciate the feedback :slight_smile: