Fade in one music track to another in loop


Let’s say you have two states in game: battle_phase_one and battle_phase_two. I have a music track for the first phase and I would like to emphasize it with a second track witch contain percussion when a second battle phase encountered! Could you tell me how can I slowly blend in second track to the main theme?

Thank you!

  1. Create an event with two audio tracks.
  2. Place your music audio asset on the first audio track, and the percussion audio asset on the second audio track.
  3. Add a parameter to your project. Name this parameter “battle_phase” and give it a range of 1-2.
  4. Add automation to the volume of the second track, and add a curve to that automation based on the “battle_phase” parameter such that the the track’s volume is at -oo dB when the parameter value is 1 and 0 dB when the parameter value is 2.
  5. Set the parameter’s seek speed to a value other than “Instant.”

The above will result in the volume of the percussion ramping from silent to audible when entering battle phase 2, and of it ramping back down to silent when returning to battle phase 1.

For an example of an event similar to this, look at “Music/Level 02” in the “examples.fspro” project included in every FMOD Studio installation. (That example lacks seek speed, but supports more than two possible states.)


Thank you for detailed answer! Seek speed was exactly that I need! I just didn’t notice that feature!