Fail when I try to build my banks in UE5

Hi everyone, i’m actually work in collaboration project in UE5.0.3 and work with Blueprints.
I’m the only people who work in FMOD Studio and when i tried to build my banks in unreal, he tell me :

Problem Loading FMOD Banks: Master (An invalid object handle was used.)

In Output Log of Unreal, he send me all time :

LogFMOD: Error: 'StudioSystem->setListenerAttributes(0, &Attributes)' returned 'An invalid object handle was used.'
LogFMOD: Error: 'ClockSinks[EFMODSystemContext::Auditioning]->LastResult' returned 'An invalid object handle was used.'
LogFMOD: Error: 'ClockSinks[EFMODSystemContext::Editor]->LastResult' returned 'An invalid object handle was used.'

I now in other discussion people who have the same problem but answer not correspond for me
I presise I use Git for versioning.
Thank you.


Can I please get you to provide your FMOD Studio and FMOD Unreal Integration versions?

Also, are you uploading your built banks to a repo using Git for your collaborator? If so, are you using FMOD Studio’s internal source control integration, or your own implementation of Git? If you’re using your own implementation, it’s possible that Git may have corrupted the banks, in which case I would recommend rebuilding your banks in FMOD Studio and seeing whether they load correctly without using Git.

Thanks for your answer !
Actually I use 2.02.11 for FMOD Studio and Unreal Plugin.
No I don’t use internal source control (because he does not offer Git Solution), I commit and push all modification directly in GitHub Dekstop.
I want to try to rebuild my banks but how do you do it ?

To rebuild your banks, you simply need to build them from FMOD Studio. The more important thing is to try to use them in UE5 without going through Git. If you no longer see any bank loading errors after doing this, then the issue has probably been caused by Git, and you’ll likely want to remove the existing banks from your repo and commit the freshly built ones.

If this isn’t the case, could I get you to upload your and files to your FMOD Profile page for me to take a closer look at?