Problem loading FMOD Banks: Master (An invalid object handle was used)

Hi everyone,

I got a very annoying problem with the UE4 plugin (or probably with UE :sweat_smile:)
After doing some work on the map with my PC I needed to switch the device for a few days, continuing my work on the FMOD project with a Macbook using Drive (yes, I have my FMOD project on Google Drive and continuously sync it with the app Backup and Sync so i can work on it with different devices).

When I was finally able to open again my Unreal map on my PC I had a bad surprise and got this message from Unreal:

Problem loading FMOD Banks: Master (An invalid object handle was used).

I tried everything and after some tests (like trying another FMOD project, another UE project, reinstall the FMOD plugin, modify some options for the build in FMOD and UE, make the same things with my MacBook Pro) I ascertained that the problem had to depend for some reason on Unreal on my PC, as if something inside him had broken.

Why? Because everything worked fine on my MacBook.

So I reinstalled Unreal and all were fixed… but after some hours, BAM, the same problem. This time not using Drive but after replacing a sound in the FMOD assets folder. After the replacement, I did the build of the project and going back to Unreal I found myself the same problem again.

Please, can anyone help me find a solution that doesn’t involve reinstalling unreal? This does not seem to me the optimal solution, especially when you are short of time.

Thank you all!

I can’t be sure, but I suspect this may be the cause of the problems you’re experiencing.

FMOD Studio is not compatible with most cloud file synchronization services. It needs to regularly open handles to the various files in an FMOD Studio project in order to make changes to them while you are working on that project, and cloud-based file synchronization services also regularly open handles to the files of synchronized in order to synchronize them, and these two things can occasionally clash.

If this is the cause of the issue, you should be able to avoid it by disabling automatic synchronization and instead manually synchronizing your files only when your FMOD Studio project is closed, or by using one of FMOD Studio’s source control integrations instead of Backup and Sync.