Feature request: Auto-add events in folders to banks

I often end up organizing my events into folders based on game scenes. For example Main Menu, In-Game, Skill-Tree, etc. Each scene usually has its own bank as well, since each one uses unique events.

Currently, adding folders to a bank is a quick way to assign all events currently inside it. However, if we add new events to the folder, they’re not added to the bank automatically.

It would be nice if we could add folders to banks, and have any new events created or moved into the folder automatically added to that bank. Visually, the folder could be displayed inside the bank with a folder icon.

This would save me a few clicks for most events I create, and make my workflow smoother.

I can see how trying folders to specific banks could potentially be useful in projects where event folders closely correspond to asset and event loading units in a manner that’s similar to banks. I’ll add your suggestion to our feature and improvement tracker.