Minor QOL improvement suggestion: adding 'Banks assigned to' to uasset's event info

Hi! I work as a music and sound designer for a game developer. Sometimes, our programmers ask me which bank a particular event or set of events is assigned to. It takes just a few seconds for me to check it in the FMOD Studio project, but when I’m out in a meeting or otherwise unavailable, I’m holding them up.

Event metadata is contained in xml files found in the FMOD project’s Metadata\Event folder. If I understand correctly, some of the data contained in the FMOD event’s xml file is made visible in the FMOD event’s uasset in Unreal Engine. The uasset already contains information such as Path, OnesShot, 3D, Length, Event Parameters and Event User Properties. Since the event’s xml file also contains the GUID of the bank it’s assigned to, would it be possible to add Banks to this overview in a future FMOD update?

That way, team members we work with aren’t dependent on audio designers working in the FMOD Studio project to tell them which bank they need to load in order to test a particular event, nor would they have to open the FMOD Studio project themselves. It would make an already awesome tool even greater and more convenient.

Thanks for the suggestion, that does sound like something that could be useful to add.

I have added a task to investigate and implement this in a future release.