FMOD Studio 2.00.07. Assets. Changing compression format for multiple assets at once


I just migrated from 1.10.11 to 2.00.07 and I’ve got an issue with editing compression format settings for multiple assets.

For the mobile platform, by default, the assets in my project are being compressed into Vorbis, 37% quality, optimized for size. Then I decided to change settings for a few of them, selected these assets via shift, clicked “Click to add a custom platform encoding setting”, tweaked the settings. These changes were applied to all the selected assets. Got rid of the selection. Then I changed my mind, selected the assets again, tweaked the settings, but this time it has been applied to only one of the selected assets, like on the screenshot. Is this a bug or I’m doing something wrong? unknown

This definitely seems like a bug. The bulk selection recognises the initial selection but not subsequent bulk selection. I have raised this as a bug in our tracker to be looked at for a future release.