Feature request "Effect Chain" Dry/Wet Knob

Hi all,
Can you add a Dry/Wet knob (with automation possible) on “Effect Chain”

It can be an easy way to apply an effect like a radio without use a return track/mixer.

What do you think about?


Just to clarify, are you interested in wet/dry control for individual effect in an effect chain or wet/dry control for an entire chain?

Thanks for the response.

To be clear, wet/dry control for an entire chain,

In another case, it’s possible to do a dry/wet with mix control in the chorus for the example but not with spatalizer,

example: it would be possible to blend between 2D/3D event with a wet/dry control on a spatalizer.

But if we have wet/dry control on “Effect Chain” we can control all the other effects undirectly from “Effect Chain” wet/dry control.

You could create a snapshot that modifies all the knobs you want in the mixer, or have a global parameter that modifies multiple effects at the same time!

I only propose a wet/dry control new feature in the “Effect Chain”.

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Thanks for the feedback. We will add that to the list of potential features to investigate for future releases.

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Thank you !