How do I organize long effects chain in a mixer group?

I’m running into situations where I have a lot of effects in a mixer group and it’s becoming quite a literal drag to not just horizontally scroll, but visually differentiate them into smaller “sub-groups” if you will.

Here’s my challenge: with effects that have local parameters, I really like using an Effect Chain NOT just for easy “drag-and-drop multiple effects” but the organizational convenience of being able to rename the chain, as a shorthand annotation of what all the effects within are doing. I can also visually collapse an effect chain, temporarily condensing what I see.

But in a mixer group, it appears I don’t have that luxury. While I can add Notes on the left, this is not directly tied to any effect or group of effect, so it’s not as “in-context”.

Is there some other trick I can use?

Are you aware that you can double-click on any effect’s title bar in order to collapse it? This makes the controls of the effect (other than its bypass button) inaccessible, but makes it a lot easier to keep large numbers of effects on-screen at the same time.

Yes @joseph ! Thanks for bringing this up, I’ll explain why this isn’t working for me though:

The expand/collapse state does not get saved upon reload. :frowning: So it works temporarily, but doesn’t persist, which is different than what I’m used to in Ableton Live.

Would this be considered a bug?

I’ve been frequently crashing in FMOD Studio when I’m trying to add parameters amidst many effects. :cry: I sent in some logs yesterday via the built-in crash reporter, and will continue to do so.

No, that’s the intended behavior. As a rule, we don’t save things that unless they potentially affect the in-game behavior of your project.

Thank you! We check all the crash logs that we receive, of course, but if you can remember anything about what you were doing when the crashes occured, that information would be a big help.

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