Window > Mixer Not working?! Mac

I’m trying to view my event’s audio channels via the (window > mixer) and nothing happens when I click on an event.

I just get “select buses from the master to view their mixer strips”.

I keep clicking on the event within the “Routing” tab and nothing happens, what an earth am I doing wrong?!

I only installed the software a few days ago.



Just to clarify, are you looking for the mixer input of the events?

Hi, thanks for responding. I’ve added a screen grab of my “mixer”. When you select an event, its corresponding channel strip does not show. The only way I can get it to show is if I wrap it within a “group (grp)”. All demos of the mixer show the events as “input”, but mine are not labeled and don’t do anything when clicked. I have even opened up 2 instances of the “event manager” and still nothing happens, unless I nest them within a group.

As mentioned here (, input buses are deprecated in version 1.07. If you you need a mixer bus associated with an individual event, you now need to explicitly create a group bus for that purpose.

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Thanks, least I know this for sure now.