Feature Request : Tempo automation and Scatterer quantization

Hi there!

I’m currently working on a cool game and I’m thinking of my music system.
I would need some features that doesn’t exist yet (or I believe so).
I’m asking if it is planned and possible.

1/ I need to automate the progression of the timeline tempo like in many daws. Is this feature is planned?

2/ I would love to be able to quantize the trigger of sounds in the scatterer module. Planned?

3/ I would love parameter automation also.

4/ Finally, more bulk edit and edition comfort :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for this great tool!

Thanks for the feedback Tomavatars. Items #1 and #2 are things we’d like to implement but aren’t as high up in priority and aren’t currently scheduled (I’ll add a +1 for your request). Item #3 is something we’re hoping to do in our next major release.

Regarding item #4, we already have some plans for improving scalability, but what specific changes were you hoping for?

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Hey Patrick. Thank you for the answer. I was hoping for the 2 first features because I really need those for a project that is in production. But never mind I already have some solutions (way harder than what I’m asking anyway).

Great for parameter automation. Would you include LFO also?

Concerning editing improvement, I’m on Mac, and many small operations are still really tricky :

  • Duplicate a sub event in a main event : it duplicates it in the root of the events tab, not under the main event where you duplicate it.

  • I would like to be able to zoom out the timeline more than it actually zoom out (constraint is the existing events)

  • Snapping is not very efficient sometimes, especially when you use tempo

  • I would like to be able to move several automation points vertically.

  • I would like to be able to tweak several tracks parameters (volume for example) with the same move

  • I would love to copy or duplicate a sound module with a drag and shortcut.

I think there is more. If I find more to ask I’ll do it there.

Thank you so much!

  • When dragging in timeline to multiselect, I would like that you can move in the timeline. Actually you can only multiselect in the view or dezoom to be able to select many events on a timeline.

  • I would like to copy multitrack events and past it on other multi tracks.

  • Be able to move a selected sound with arrows and custom snapping parameters.
  • A auto-quantize shortcut!! This would be fantastic!
  • The ability to scroll in the Logic part of the screen, and resize it. Actually, I have to find a way to make a bpm per bpm progression and to make it I need about 60 transition regions (LOL). At a moment, not only the deck disappear and I can’t edit values and I can’t scroll down the many transition regions.


Thanks for the heads up Tom, we will take this feedback on board.

To be clear, more and more, I’m working with Fmod sounds as if they were midi clips. So any improvements that would allow me to work with more efficiency with short clips would be great!

Thank you.

And tell me if you prefer that I write my requests by mail.