Tempo automation

I know this has been touched on in very old posts in this forum, but is there a way to automate tempo to a parameter now? I’m trying to create a kick drum sequence who’s tempo increases or decreases with a parameter, from 50-180bpm.

Right now my workaround is to create a multi-instrument with pitch automated to a parameter (tempo) and quantized to a beat, then created an instrument inside the playlist and automate it’s pitch in the opposite direction. Seems clunky and limited.

Any other workarounds?

As of the time of writing (October of 2020), FMOD Studio does not support automating tempo.

Another possible workaround is to use multiple tempo markers to define different tempos for different sections of the timeline, and move from section to section using transition markers with parameter trigger conditions. This method only allows tempo to change to specific predefined values, however, and so cannot be used to make tempo scale linearly.

Gotcha. I’m looking for accurate continuous linear tempo automation unfortunately, so I may have to seek an alternative method for this. But thanks for the quick reply!

Hi, do you have your drum pattern pre rendered or you create it inside Fmod with single kick sample?
I’ve tried to create sort of mechanic you discribed with scatterer instruments. You’ll need to adjust start delays on scatterers for 8th and 16th notes. You can then automate spawn rate to raise tempo. But the restricrion is that you have to start with default tempowhait full loop and then increase it so the kick pattern will not warp and break.
Hope this will help.

This is a possible solution, but I actually have to switch to the “competitor” for this project anyway because I need full MIDI instrument integration within the sound design program. They also happen to have tempo automation as well.