Automation for "Interval between sounds"?

(Pedro Santos) #1

Hi, there.
I’ve used FMod Designer in the past and I am now transitioning to FMod Studio.
In Designer, I used to be able to change the trigger rate (interval between sounds) in “scatterer type” sounds based on a certain parameter, such as distance.
Unfortunately, in Fmod Studio “Interval between sounds” doesn’t seem to be a automatable parameter. Is there a way to do it in Studio?


(Joseph Harvey) #2

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to automate interval between sounds in FMOD Studio. We have received several requests for this feature, and are planning to implement it a future release.

Until then, you may be able to work around this by using logic markers with parameter conditions to adjust how often the scatterer sound module (or any sound module) is intersected by the timeline cursor.

(JB) #3

Anything yet? What a disappointment. It seems like FMOD Designer has a handful of things that it can do much better than Studio… Somethings studio can’t seem to do at all…

Is there any update on this?

FYI - I got around this by using multiple scatter sound events and blended them together via the sound modules.

(Joseph Harvey) #4

@JeremyBochenek As you have surmised, we have not yet implemented this feature. Unfortunately, it is only one of many features we would like to implement, and we can only work on a few new features at a time; This one has yet to arrive at the front of the queue.