FindAssetByName/FindEventByName Problem

Does FindAssetByName/FindEventByName function work in Standalone Game mode?
It seems like all the FMODAsset objects created in FMODAssetTable will be destroyed after garbage collection.


Do you have a log file with an error message for when you try to find an asset at runtime? You should still be able to find the assets after the strings bank has been loaded.

There is no error message in the log.
The FullNameLookup property in FMODAssetTable is not mark with the UPROPERTY macro, it seems like the FMODAsset objects created in FMODAssetTable will be garbage collected, is it right?


That is correct. This sounds like something that can happen on a dedicated server, which we have noted in our tracker to fix in a future update.

Is there any reason the fix only for dedicated server?

We could only narrow down the issue when using a dedicated server. If you’re experiencing this issue locally are you able to provide a reproductive project that we can test our fix with?

We use FindEventByName and PlayEventXXX function to play sound in C++ or BP instead of reference FMODEvent directly.

For example

I’ve tried the same blueprint setup you’ve shown with success. Can you confirm that you are entering the full path of the event and not just the name?


Did you try in Standalone Game Mode?
(FMODAsset objects will not be garbage collected in Viewport Mode.)


Yes, even in standalone game mode FMOD was running normally.