UE4 4.26 FindEventByName Problem

In prior versions(4.25) we can use FindEventByName function to get UFMODEvent and then use PlayEventAtLocation function to play any event without strong reference to UFMODEvent in standalone.

But in 4.26, FindEventByName function will return null because UFMODEvent asset generation is done only in the editor.

Is there any way or suggestion?

If I understand the problem correctly then I don’t think the asset generation should be a problem for this workflow - shouldn’t the assets be generated at the point you have UE4 editor open to change the event name? If that’s not the case could you explain a bit more about your workflow which leads to this issue?

It does look like there’s a change in behavior where the generated assets are not automatically loaded in memory as they were in previous versions, and a related bug that FindEventByName isn’t loading the event. I will schedule a fix for the bug and we will look into whether it makes sense to automatically load all of the generated assets into memory at startup to match behavior of the previous versions.


We play events in C++ or BP by using FindEventByName and PlayEvent function as follows.
(no hard reference to UFMODEvent asset)


That certainly matches the pattern where you would get a null at runtime because Find Event by Name won’t load the asset you try to find - we’ve added a fix for this issue to our upcoming release. It’s already been pushed to GitHub so if you’re comfortable using that you can grab it right away.