First time user / Issue: no Unity integration

Hello! I am new to FMOD, I’d like to learn how to make adaptive music for videogames, but I guess there is no point in using FMOD if you can’t integrate it with Unity and that is the issue I cannot seem to solve on my own. I am on Windows 10 64bit and I’ve downloaded from the original sites what I believe are the latest version of FMOD (v2.01.05) and Unity (v2020.1.9f1 64-bit). I can successfully download the FMOD asset from the store but I get some error messages in Unity and when I clic on “import” it seems to load it but nothing happens, no FMOD tab appears. And when I refresh my Package Manager, FMOD for Unity is gone and the manager is empty. Any suggestion? I am linking a couple of pics (cannot load them here, since I am a new user). Thanks!

Try downloading the .unitypackage of the Fmod for Unity Integration from the official website, instead of through the Asset Store.

Download it here:

When you have downloaded that file, follow these steps:

  • Delete any files and folders you may have left from your previous (failed) Fmod Integration from your Unity Project. The files/folders you’ll need to delete should be located here:
    • Assets/Editor Default Resources/FMOD
    • Assets/Gizmos/FMOD
    • Assets/Plugins/FMOD
  • Restart Unity to make sure that all files have been removed properly. There could be some .dll-files which refuse to get deleted while Unity is open. In that case, close Unity and delete those .dll-files through your file browser.
  • Open Unity
  • Drag and drop the .unitypackage-file that you downloaded from the official Fmod Downloads-page into Unity and import its contents.

See if the issue still persists and update us on how it went. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your quick answer! I followed your advice and it still was not working so I uninstalled everything and re-installed everything. It is working now! I think the Unity (and Unity Hub) version was older than the FMOD integration, that’s why it was not working. Thanks for the support!

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Cool, nice that it worked for you. Could you mark your reply as the solution to your thread, please? :slight_smile: