Fmod component not loading after loading a project

Hi everyone.
I’m still kinda new to the Fmod and unity integration, so there’s a chance I may have missed something that is obvious.

About a month ago I was experimenting with the viking village project from the unity store and I wanted to implement some sounds and music in it with fmod.
I had some work done, saved and closed the project.

Now when I get into the project, it’s like the fmod integration is not there - I don’t see the “FMOD” drop menu at the top of the screen, yet when I try to import the package it says that it’s already in the project so there’s nothing to import. But everything fmod related does not seem to work.

the fmod version is 2.00.07 (same version of the package) and unity version is 2019.3.0f6 running on Windows 10 1909.

What did I miss?
Thanks in advance!

There was a problem with 3 script files (from unity’s side, not fmod) when I deleted them there was a loading bar and the fmod components have returned. I guess it’s a glitch from unity’s side. Problem Solved.

As you’ve mentioned, this sounds more like a Unity issue. Sometimes when using old example projects, they were made using older versions of Unity and deprecated functions cause certain components (eg. FMOD integration) to not compile properly. When this happens, it’s best to look in the Unity console and check for errors and warnings.