FMOD 1.7.5 + UE4 4.10 + Oculus SDK 1.0.0+ support


Do you have any plans to support the proper release of the Oculus audio sdk v 1.0.0+ in your UE4 integrations. It’s been out a long time now. Were there major changes in Oculus Audio SDK that are causing problems. I don’t mind recompiling the GitHub version and making some changes if you can provide any guidance. It currently tries to link in the dll’s / lib using the old naming convention ending in 64.

Thank you,

Ah, I missed that. I’ll update our end.

In the meantime, the changes are:

  • In FMODStudioOculus.Build.cs, change two references to ovrfmod64 to ovrfmod.
  • Drop in the new OculusFMODSpatializerSettings.h in FMODStudioOculus\Public.
  • Drop in the new .dll into Binaries

In general keeping our end up to date with the plugin has proved troublesome. There are some longer term changes we are doing in 1.8 which should make it possible to use this as a pure plugin with no need for an additional module, which will simplify things. That won’t be for another few months though,

I followed your instructions and that’s working great. Thank you :slight_smile: