Oculus Audio SDK 1.1.1 support - when ?

Could you please tell us when Oculus Audio SDK 1.1.1 support is coming for FMOD and its UE4 plugin ?

I see in the release notes that 1.04 SDK was the last one supported.


Apparently there is a bug with spatialization in 1.1.1 / FMOD for UE4. Oculus is fixing it, so I am guessing 1.1.1 is not qualified to be supported by FMOD ?

We will no longer be shipping new versions of the Oculus plugin with the UE4 integration. This was necessary in the past because certain APIs needed to be called in a particular order. The newer Oculus plugins that include the reverb DSP allow everything to be configured without code.

Please report any issues with the Oculus plugin to their website, we will work directly with them to resolve any problems from our side.