FMOD 1.08.15 + UE 4.14 + Oculus Audio SDK 1.0.4 = possible ?

Since spatialization hasn’t been working with Oculus Audio SDK 1.1.1 (nor 1.1.0) in UE4 when using FMOD (and it doesn’t sound like FMOD’s issue), I wonder if I can use older Audio SDK with current FMOD + UE4 ?

When I used UE 4.12 / 4.13 with older FMOD for that release (.12 or .13, don’t recall right now) and Oculus Audio SDK 1.0.4, everything worked like a charm.

Do I need to do any kind of voodoo to get it working or do I simply use old Audio SDK plugin with current UE4 and current FMOD ? (I am more concerned about old plugin compatibility with current FMOD Studio)



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Yes, it works well.

It was a real painfull to find out that 1.1.0 audio sdk doesn`t work

Thank you Alex for pointing that.