FMOD 2.01.11 crush on PS4 SDK 9.0 at FMOD::ChannelGroup::getDSPHead

We are migrating to PS4 SDK 9.0 and actual Unity 2021.2.8.
So we had to switch to the latest verified FMOD 2.01.11
Development build crushes just from starting

I create simple empty Unity project with single PS4 platform, link it to simple empty FMOD project without any sounds using FMOD wizard. And builded development package crushes at PS4 devkit same way

eboot.bin!FMOD::ChannelGroup::getDSPHead(FMOD::DSP**) + 5 bytes C++
eboot.bin!AudioProfiler::CaptureFrame(dynamic_array<AudioProfilerGroupInfo,0ul>& groupData, dynamic_array<AudioProfilerDSPInfo,0ul>& dspData, dynamic_array<AudioProfilerClipInfo,0ul>& clipData, dynamic_array<char,0ul>& names) Line 454 C++
eboot.bin!profiling::Profiler::EmitGlobalStats() Line 478 C++
eboot.bin!profiler_flush_counters() Line 347 C++
eboot.bin!InitPlayerLoopCallbacks::PostLateUpdateProfilerEndFrameRegistrator::Forward() Line 1556 C++
eboot.bin!ExecutePlayerLoop(NativePlayerLoopSystem* system) Line 383 + 2 bytes C++
eboot.bin!ExecutePlayerLoop(NativePlayerLoopSystem* system) Line 407 C++
eboot.bin!PlayerLoop() Line 514 C++
eboot.bin!UNITY_main(void* __formal0) Line 510 C++
eboot.bin!main(int argc, const char** argv) Line 954 + 5 bytes C++
eboot.bin!_start + 63 bytes C++

Same project builded for NintendoSwitch, XBox and espesially PS5 works perfectly

FMOD_Test_crush_log.txt (55.4 KB)
FMOD_Test_crush_callstack.txt (895 Bytes)

Hello, can you enter the details of your company and game into your Profile please? It appears that you’re not verified for PS4 access.

Oh, never mind. I see that your colleague has emailed us directly.

This issue is actually a bug within Unity that they are actively working on. For more details follow this thread within our private PS4 forum (required PS4 verification to access).