Fmod 2.3 Event choking/Muting issue/bug

Hi! First of all sorry if I have placed this in the wrong area or category.

I updated F-mod to 2.3 and since the update my weapon events have a strange behavior.

Any rapidly firing events begin to get choked (specifically the attack of the sound is being muted)

This only occurs when the game is busy with other events and projectiles, it didn’t occur on 2.02.19.

Thanks in advance for any advice, of course happy to share more info if needed (I’m sure it will be)

  • Joe

Here is a quick audio example of:

1st - Assault rifle firing normally,

and then

2nd - Assault rifle with choking/muting issue


Are you able to provide a set of steps that reproduces the issue? If not, can I get some more info on the rapidly firing events? Do you have any stealing behaviors applied to them, either at the event or bus level?

If not, could I get you to connect FMOD Studio to your game via Live Update, record a profiler session where the issue occurs, package it with all “binaries to include” options enabled and upload it to your FMOD Profile for me to take a look at?

Hi Leah!

Thanks for your reply, infact earlier today I found the solution! I appreciate your prompt response though.

It was infact a case of making sure those sounds were uncompressed, I think they were trying to stream quickly and so the very beginnings of each sound wasn’t fully loaded by the time it was requested to play - In anycase, setting the sounds to uncompressed solved the issue entirely!

Thankyou for your help, shall I delete this post?


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I’m glad your managed to find a solution - streaming many voices at the same time could definitely cause the issue you’re describing.

You can leave the post up, as your solution might help users who run into similar issues in the future.