Loud noise when passing over parameterized event quickly

I have an event. It happens only over a short interval for a certain parameter. Passing over the event quickly (in this case rapidly increasing throttle in X-Plane) results in a single moment of very loud noise. Same for when I am using FMOD Studio, I drag the play bar over it slow and it performs as expected and if I do it fast I just get a super loud beep. Keep in mind there is no place in the entire event that goes this loud. Anyone know what could be causing the issue? How can I avoid this loud beep?

As a follow up, a compressor somewhat helps but does not solve the problem. The volume still spikes up then comes back down to what is should be when i mouse over the track

Could you share a screenshot of your event?

ALIAstartup is the one causing problems.

For anyone reading, I solved the problem by getting a new sound sample that was not a pure tone but sounded like one.