FMOD 5 stuck at 0 seconds and sound won't play

Hello and good evening,
I recently decided to try implementing FMOD into my projects, however I cannot get FMOD5 to work with my current computer, for some reason audio won’t play, even in the pre-built included examples, I even tried building the examples myself but neither work;
FMOD just doesn’t play audio, it puts the sound on a channel and then gets stuck there at 0 seconds, as if it was paused (even though it isn’t);
I also tried reinstalling the studio, the programmers API and the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 libraries (x86 and x64), also to no avail;

I tried using FMOD 4 (FMOD EX), and for some reason, this one works;
After that, I decided to try to install FMOD5 in Virtual Machine, and it worked;
I think it might be some hardware incompatibility with my computer or something of the kind, can someone help me tracking down what is the incompatibility/bug please?

I am using Windows 8.1 Pro, build 9600;
Processor: AMD 9590fx
RAM: 32gb 2133mhz;
GPU: AMD Radeon R9 290X;
SoundCard: Creative Soundblaster ZX;

Could you run one of the examples in debug mode and add the TTY logging to your question, there might be some clues in the output as to what is going wrong.

Hi, sorry, I am not exactly sure of how to debug and log the way you mentioned, as i said, i am still studying FMOD, this is the debug info i get in visual studio however, it seems everything is correct there though…

This will be fixed in 1.07.02. As a work around lower the output rate of your device to 48000 in the Window’s control panel.

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thank you so much! i was almost killing myself looking for an answer, i was running 24bit @ 96000 !!! I am very gratefull ^^