Fmod and integration with games / free games

Hey guys,

I have kind of a silly question, since I am new here. I am very interested in learning fmod, since I am sound designer and composer. For integration fmod to unity or unreal engine, do you need your personal game, developed by you? I see all these videos about integration of games and fmod, but how to find games that doesn’t have sounds and to practice on them?

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It depends whether you are just the sound designer or also the sound developer, whether you need coding skills or not. Although the coding for FMOD isn’t complicated so you can cut-and-paste the complicated looking setup instructions and then use the simple event calls. But still, if you’ve zero experience of coding, it’s a bit of a big thing to learn! If just a sound designer, you want to work with a dev who can integrate FMOD calls.

To begin with, you can create your own Unity project. I have a basic FMOD training one just setting parameters with keyboard presses. Unity comes with a load of tutorial projects you can work with and integrate FMOD into.

Once you know your way around Unity, offer your services on developer forums and indie dev groups. It helps if you have an interactive demo you can share to show you can actually do the job.