Can I use FMOD studio, for unity project? Or do i need FMOD Unity

Hi guys, i am working with a team who is using Unity, i am in charge of the sfx. However we are all working from home, and i don’t have access to their unity project. Anyway, If i do my part of my project on FMOD Studio will it be just as easy for them to implement. Or will it be faster and easier if one of the programmers downloads FMOD Unity and does it that way?

It’s entirely possible for you to only work in the FMOD Studio application to create the desired audio content, and then to hand off your built banks to the programmers to implement ingame. However, you’re essentially only able to define the audio behavior itself in the Studio application - actually implementing it, i.e. setting up triggers for your events, modifying parameters, and so on needs to be done on the Unity side of things.

To do this, your programmers will need to interact with the FMOD Engine/API, so I would definitely recommend that your programmers download the FMOD Unity integration, which is a high-level wrapper around the FMOD Engine. Even if they aren’t intending to make use of a lot of the features that the integration provides, it will take care of a lot of the management that your programmers would otherwise need to handle themselves, and also provides an Editor-based interface for things like FMOD settings, per-platform options, etc.

If you have any more questions, fee free to ask!