Fmod and Unity - Multiple box collider with snapshot AHDSR intensity problem

Hi everybody,

Im still beginner in Fmod so sorry if this problem looks silly but I already tried everything I know. This might be small problem but not sure. Thanks eveybody who writes for your help.

We are creating 3D open world game with lots of building interier zones. So there is outside ambience and when player goes inside I create snapshot with volume decrease on Ambience track. Im also sending reverb with this snapshot. These interier zones are in different shapes so I create multiple box collider objects with one parent. Important thing is that these colliders are overlaping. Our developer created script for this multiple collider system. When player goes through first collider everything works fine. AHDSR creates fade out of ambient sound. But when player goes through another box collider there is volume jump. Sounds like player went again into these box colliders. Automation of volume on ambience track shows same volume decrease as first time player went into box these colliders. Should I use different collider shaping method or is it possible to get rid of this aspect in Fmod ?

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Did you limit the number of instances of this snapshot? From what I’ve tested, the behavior you’ve noticed comes from that. If FMOD can launch multiple instances of the snapshot, they will seamlessly blend from zone to zone, as long as the zones overlap enough to by-pass the attack delay of the next snapshot instance. If that physical overlapping isn’t always possible, you may think instead of modulating the AHDSR in the game code directly (not absolutely sure it’s possible, though).

Hi Alcibiade, thank you for your response.

Yes I tried to limit the instances but it did not help either. But fortunately we were able to solve this problem. It was a little error in the script and it is already working correctly with AHDSR modulator. But still thank you very much for your help.