Snapshot not releasing but ramping up again on stop when another snapshot is triggered


it seems there’s an issue when stopping / starting snapshots.

version used: fmod 2.01.05 - unity 2020.1.2f1


  • the snapshots are started / stopped by code
  • the snapshots have an AHDSR modulator on their intensity (1 sec atk, 4 sec release)
  • the two snapshots are set to override (but bug will also happen with blend mode), they just set 2 send volumes on a bus (they “enable” their send and mute the other one)

legend: for simplicity i call the screenshotnames
SNP_BiomeStartRVB -> SNPStart
SNP_Biome1RVB -> SNP1

  • start snapshot SNPStart
  • at some point, stop SNPStart and at the same time start another type of snapshot SNP1. see attached screenshot that as soon as SNP1 starts, the intensity of SNPStart is instantly cut off instead of fading out, and also ramping up again instantly

note that the snapshot SNPStart still exists for the remaining 4 seconds, but its intensity is set wrong due to the other snapshot being set.

notice that if i only stop the SNPStart the release ramp works just fine.

(i think i could observe the same issue when triggering snapshots as instruments from within studio with the “not stopping condition” and stop one event from another event with command instrument…)

please elaborate :slight_smile:

hello again, i really would appreciate an answer here. thanks for investigating.

and again, after another week, i ping here to see if the ppl of fmod have anything to say to this?

Thanks for reporting this issue. We’ve been able to reproduce it, but are still working on identifying the root cause.

In any case, this is definitely a bug, and will be fixed in an upcoming release of FMOD Studio.

ok, thx for letting us know. looking forward to the fix :slight_smile: