Fmod audio still playing after exit play-mode in Unity Editor


I am currently using Unity 2017.1.1f1 and FMOD 1.10.00 under Windows 10. I have a script that will start an FMOD audio instance at Start(), using the timeline callback example code and also have the stop and release code in OnDestroy(). I notice sometimes after I quit play mode in Unity Editor, FMOD audio instance will not stop playing.

Any suggestion what should I look into?

Here are what is in the FMOD log when this issue happen :

Are you getting any errors or warnings in Unity?

Nothing related to FMOD in Unity console, should I check FMOD log for this?

It might be worth checking. Otherwise if you have a small project that reproduces the issue you would be able to share with us, we can take a look.

Updated a picture showing what is in FMOD’s log viewer (could not copy form there, this is the best I could do). Will try to reproduce this in an empty project.

Thanks, unfortunately the file is behind a secure login.

Sorry about that, looks like my email marking reply notification email as harassment. And I just updated the image link. Might if you can take a look and tell me is there anything I should be looking into?

I can’t see anything that stands out. Are you able to reliably reproduce the issue?
Is there any other information you can provide that may help me recreate it here?